(And why you'll love them.)

Our regional team members guide and support our store teams to ensure they are equipped to carry out ​​our mission of making people’s lives simpler and more enjoyable.  


Our Regional Operations team consists of Operations Supervisors, Operations Training Supervisors, and more. Regional Operations helps make sure our stores consistently deliver on our promise to offer a clean, safe, fast, and friendly shopping experience for our guests. 
Human Resources
Our Regional Human Resources team consists of Recruiters, Employee Advocates, Learning Specialists, and more. Regional HR team members ensure stores are staffed and team members are supported and equipped with everything they need to excel at their jobs.   


​​​​​Fast Pace
The regional office is perfect for people who like to stay on the go. You won’t be at your desk much. Instead, you'll be out supporting our stores and the people who run them.
Focus on Fun
From celebrating each other’s achievements to events that highlight our competitive nature, we know how to pump each other up and have fun along the way. Field Day, anyone?
​​​​​​​ Career Growth
At RaceTrac, you'll be the driver of your own career. Your team members will be by your side along the way, cheering you on and helping guide you to where you want to be. 
​​​​​​​ Work-Life Balance
We're a family-owned business that values flexibility to prioritize the demands of your career and personal life. After all, our mission is to make lives simpler and more enjoyable!
Take advantage of our benefits options that include 401(k) matching, medical and dental coverage, wellness incentives, mental health support, and employee discount programs.


Fun fact about me, RaceTrac has been my only employer! I started as a Part-Time Associate, and worked my way up to a Shift Manager, a Co Manager, a Field Trainer, a General Manager, a Field Talent Acquisition Specialist, and now I'm an Operations Supervisor. I have had an amazing experience and tremendous journey here at RaceTrac! Taedeen Operations Supervisor
TracFanatic Since 2012
I started at RaceTrac as a Part-Time Associate and I'm now a Talent Acquisition Specialist. I am thankful for the chance to give the same opportunities to others that I was given when I started. I'm surrounded by people who are willing to challenge me and share feedback because they want me to succeed, and I do the same for them. Sophia Field Talent Acquisition Specialist
TracFanatic Since 2015
I started as a General Manager in 2014 and have loved every minute of it. I wanted to be with a family-oriented company, where I could soar professionally, but still have a good balance with my family life. RaceTrac offers the perfect balance, and I love the daily interactions I have with all of our fellow TracFanatics and new hires. I love being able to support the great people
​​​​​​​around me.
Troy Field Learning Specialist
TracFanatic Since 2014